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For Searching Properties

Do I need to register to search homes?
No - You do not need to register to search properties.

Is it free to search?
Yes - You may search properties freely with no registration requirements.

How do I change my search criteria?
To change your search criteria, simply click the "search ads" link in the left navigation bar.

Who should I contact about this house?
If you have question about a particular property, you will need to contact the owner or manager directly using the contact information provided on that listing's details page.

Who owns all these homes?
The properties listed on this site are owned or managed by individuals or companies not affiliated with USRentalListings.com. We have no affiliation with any of the property owners listed on this site. If you have question about a particular property, you will need to contact the owner or manager directly using the contact information provided on that listing's details page.

What are cookies?
Cookies are harmless text files stored on your computer to save your preferences. When searching properties, you will only receive a cookie if you choose to save a particular listing. Cookies are only used to store saved property listings for later viewing. These cookies expire sixty days after their creation.

For Owners/Managers

Do I have to register to place an ad?
Yes. This makes it possible for us to allow you to view and manage all your listings using a single, simple interface. Registration is quick and easy. We take your privacy seriously and do not share or sell the information you provide at registration. Furthermore, the contact info you provide at registration is not made public. You will be given an opportunity to decide which contact information you want to provide with each listing.

How long will my ad run?
Your ad will run for 45 days. When your ad expires, it will be deactivated. You will have the option to either renew or delete your ad.

What does it cost to run an ad?
Ads are $5.95 and run for 45 days. You can renew at any time. This is an introductory offer. Price is subject to change.

Can I renew my ad after it expires?
Yes. You can renew your ad at any time. If you renew before your ad expires, you will not lose unused run-time. Rather, the additional 45 days will be added to remaining time. Your ad will be "deactivated" after it expires - not deleted. Thus, you do not have to recreate your listing if you accidentally let it lapse. (USRentalListings.com reserves the right to delete ads that remain inactive for extended periods.)

How do I place a new listing?
Once you have registered and are logged-in, you will be forwarded to the Profile Manager interface. There you will click the "Add New Rental Listing" link. Simply provide the information about your property and click submit. You will then be directed to the secure payment gateway. All payments are handled by PayPal.com, a name you know and trust.

Can I upload images? How many?
Yes - You may upload up to three images per listing. Once you have created your rental listings and payment has been made, you will have the opportunity to upload images from the Profile Manager. Simply locate the listing from your list of managed properties and click the "Upload Images" link associated with that ad. Images can be either GIF or JPEG/JPG formats.

How do I replace a picture?
If you have already uploaded an image that you would like to replace with another, simply click the "Upload Images" link and upload a new image in the position containing the image to be replaced.

Why should I use USRentalListings.com?
USRentalListings.com is operated by experienced real estate investors. We know how to effectively market towards potential tenants. Polls show that individuals who actively use the Internet have more stable and better paying jobs - important qualities for potential tenants.

  • Less expensive and more effective that metro news papers.
  • Higher quality leads than your local paper.
  • More information means less incompatible leads.
  • Easily edit your ad anytime.
  • Use our marketing experience and advertising dollars to your advantage.
  • Manage all your listings from a single interface.

We attract renters by advertising on all major search engines: Overture Network; Yahoo!, CNN, AltaVista, MSN, InfoSpace, Ask Jeeves, Excite, Lycos, DogPile, Earth Link, AOL, Mamma and, of course, Google.

Is it safe or secure?
Of Course. We use PayPal.com (a name you know and trust) to execute all transactions. The payment gateway uses 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to securely allow payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or have payment deducted from your PayPal account.

What are cookies?
Cookies are harmless text files stored on your computer. These cookies allow you to navigate the Profile Manager without being  constantly prompted for your user id and password. The cookie is created when you log in and deleted when you close your browser.