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Rental House vs. Apartment

Rental Houses vs. ApartmentsWhen you are embarking on a move, one of the first questions to ask yourself is, whether an apartment or a home will be the best fit. Your first inclination may not be the ideal option. There are several things to consider besides the added space a home typically provides. The most important step, when making this decision is to honestly evaluate your situation. Remember to take into consideration elements, such as lifestyle.

A great way to lay things out is by creating two lists. The first list will incorporate all of the positive reasons why a home would be preferable. The second should state all of the positives regarding living in an apartment. Keep in mind that the positives should be weighed against any negative impact, before they are included. Once the lists are finished, you can compare them to see which one has the most entries. Then determine how important each one is to your happiness. The paper that contains the items that will enrich your life the most, without unwanted burdens is your answer.

Rental Houses and Lawn Work The real problem is what questions should you ask yourself. The obvious place to start would be with yard work. Although, there may be the rare occasion that you find a landlord willing to maintain the yard of the home you are renting, in most cases, you are responsible for this upkeep. If the residence has a small yard, then the amount of work will be minimal. If, on the other hand, the landscape is large, prepare to spend many weekends maintaining it. Yard work is not always an evil. If you love toiling with Mother Nature, then an enormous backyard may be an added benefit to renting a home. However, if the idea of slaving over a lawn gives you hives, this red flag should not be overlooked.

Rental Houses and Pets Dog owners may relish the idea of a yard. This extra space will give "fluffy" a place to run off energy during the day, and a quick retreat for late night trips to take care of business. Unlike apartments, rental homes provide a safe and much needed play area for children. Although, many apartments offer small playgrounds, there is nothing more convenient or safe than sending the little ones out into the backyard to work off all of their energy. If you have children or a favorite canine, renting a home might be the most practical option.

Another item to consider is space. Homes typically provide more square footage than an apartment. Although it is possible to find the reverse, you are more likely to find a spacious 2000 square foot home with three bedrooms for rent, in contrast to an apartment of the same size. However, rental homes are usually more expensive than apartments. Of course, this is not always the case. Like everything else, location matters. If you are willing to compromise, you could find yourself in a home for the same or less than the cost of an apartment.

One thing to consider when choosing between a rental home and an apartment is amenities. Many apartments have numerous perks available to residents. Most apartments have swimming pools and workout rooms. In addition, an apartment may offer trash pick-up or some other amenity to encourage individuals to live there. A rental home may have a pool, however you would be responsible for all of the maintenance required to keep it working properly. If these extra conveniences are a part of your daily routine, an apartment might be preferable. Of course, you can always get a gym membership elsewhere, but that will be an added expense.

There is more freedom, when renting a home. Landlords are more willing to allow you to repaint walls or make other cosmetic changes within reason. You are also more removed from neighbors, which is a welcome relief for some apartment dwellers. Most landlords will require that you pay all of the utility bills for a rental home. You can find some apartments that are all bills paid, however the majority will cover the cost of water only. In addition, you may discover apartments that offer commercial rates on electric bills, which can save you money in the long run.

Choosing between a rental home and an apartment is a big step. There are many things to consider before making your decision. The most challenging part is honestly evaluating your lifestyle and determining the right residence for you. Keep in mind all of the aspects you like for each situation and weigh the negatives. Then create your list and evaluate it based on your entries. This process will make the solution much easier to find.


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